Our Mission

At Quote Storm we work diligently to provide the best leads in the industry, striving daily to give you the best close ratio imaginable, protecting your agency’s time and resources” 

There is an old adage that “less is more” and at QuoteStorm we fully believe that.  It is not QuoteStorm’s mission to sell “more” leads.  IT IS QuoteStorm’s mission to sell “BETTER” leads.  Thus proving that less is more.

Each layer of QuoteStorm’s detailed proprietary process eliminates bad leads that would otherwise cost you time and money, wasting your valuable resources.  At QuoteStorm we have flipped the traditional lead provider’s thinking.  The better we make our process, the more garbage gets filtered out, leaving less but more valuable leads.   At that point each lead we provide is more valuable to you and your agency than you could ever imagine.  QuoteStorm’s product, just like precious stones and precious metals, are coveted because of their value and more importantly because of their scarcity.

We invite you to speak to one of our Lead Advisors so that we may create a custom profile and tailor your custom lead flow to the specifics of your agency.

Email us or give us a call at 1-844-4QSTORM.